"Now I need you to give me something positive," I said. All you need to do is hit me on the head with a sledgehammer.
– I would love to be able to do that, not only to you but to everyone. Wake them up once and for all and make them see that they waste the little time they have on pure stupidity: making money, achieving recognition from others, having social prestige. That for wanting to succeed, for wanting to fit in, for wanting to stand out, they betray themselves, they deny their true essence, they screw up their lives.
– Positive please!!!
– All right, open your eyes.
- Do not make fun of me.
– Ha, ha, ha, I'm sorry. I mean in your mind's eye. Open them and see what we have talked about so far. You will find many positive things when you let go of your limiting beliefs.
- I follow you.
– We have talked about your personality and how it was created arbitrarily depending on external factors in which you had no participation. We said that your personality is not you, that it is only the surface, the circumference. What's positive about that?
– That I am something more than impersonality.
- Exact! Much, much more. Passing the surface, towards the center of your being, is your essence, what you are. That part of you is intact and retains its original beauty. All masks are ugly, no matter how much you polish, paint or embellish them, they are still artificial. However, our original face is gorgeous.
No one has been able to touch that part of you. If you suffered an abuse, an injustice, a disappointment, a tragedy, a difficult childhood, a betrayal. Your essence remains absolutely pure and perfect.
– And why do we hide it behind the mask?
– Because you identified with the external, because you believed that it was you. But behind everyone's personality there is a wonderful being that is rarely shown to the world.
Well, the conditions. What did we say about them?
– Which are like schedules that we follow blindly. It is what is expected of us for being Mexicans or Catholics or capitalists or whatever they have told us we are.
– Very well, and the positive of realizing that?
– Know that we are not our conditioning either.
– You are much more than what you have been told you are or what you are supposed to do. If you can see that there are a lot of things you respond to without thinking, then you can stop doing it.
– We can be free!
– Only if you are aware enough to notice the difference between what comes out of you and what is a habit or conditioning.
If you get out of the social establishment, then a world of possibilities opens up for you. You no longer have to follow what your parents said or those hackneyed goals of society.
Beyond the circle of growing up, studying, having a family, working and saving for old age, there is a wonderful world full of adventure, joy, ecstasy and beauty.
And even if you decide to follow a plan established by society, it will be you who does it. No one else will be deciding for you nor will you be reacting like a robot without will.
– Get out of the mill and stop chasing the carrot.
– We also analyzed how they put you against yourself. How not only do you not love yourself, but you hate yourself. How they instilled in you self-hatred, denial and rejection of your vital energy, of your sexuality.
They conditioned your love, they compared you, they filled you with fears and doubts, they betrayed you over and over again.
– Well, I refuse to play along. I refuse to continue against myself!
– That is the positive of analyzing everything: creating the possibility of choosing. You cannot fight against darkness, what you can do is use the light of consciousness.
– If we realize what we do then we cannot be so easily manipulated.
- That's how it is. When I speak of consciousness I speak of awareness. To be aware of what we do and what happens to us. Do not confuse it with that conscience that fills you with guilt and regret, that was also put into your head to control you.
– Well, I am beginning to see the light. Analyzing and raising awareness is taking responsibility for what remains in our heads and for what we want to come out. If we follow like sheep what religion tells us, then we are manipulable, we allow them to a bunch of rubbish and that is disrespecting ourselves, betraying ourselves for fear of punishment
– Oh how wonderful! You speak like a master. Anything else?
– Nothing more, the thing about God is something very intimate, I want to find out on my own. I don't want anyone to give me preconceived ideas. I want to start from scratch for myself without anyone trying to sell me ideas of weird and magical gods. Just now a burning desire arises in me to find my truth about it. Without anyone giving me explanations that border on the childish and the mythological. I do not want to continue fearing or feeling guilty, I would like my actions to be guided by love and my alertness, not by what others consider good or bad.

- No way…