To what have you kept tied, that does not let you advance in what you dream of, check what has kept you tied:

To the wounds you received as a child?

To your childhood traumas?

To what the others have decided that you were?

To that relationship that does not satisfy you?

To work that instead of enjoying, you suffer?

To all that represents routine of your life?

Free yourself now! 

Loose and that sack that you carry on your back, in which you keep all that resentment, resentment and guilt!

Stop blaming your parents, your teachers, your neighbor, your children, the government, your past, God, for what is not going well in your life. The only person responsible for what happens to you is you.

Every day you have the opportunity to start over and it's always time to start over. 

Every morning, when you open your eyes, you are born again, you have another opportunity to change what you don't like and to improve your life. 

Responsability is all yours. 

Your happiness does not depend on your parents, your partner, your friends, your past, it depends only on you.

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