We know that the most valuable capital of an organization is people, and for a company to survive it needs to train its staff.

Our company was born in 1994, in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Under the name of Comprehensive Training of San Miguel, later, it became Strategic Development, lasting under this name for around 6 and a half years.

Since then, it has permanently offered various courses related to the development of human potential.

From the 1st. January 2002, we changed to what is now: Humanist Center for Neurolinguistic Programming.

Our company has as a primary area of work, self-improvement for students, parents, professionals, businessmen, etc. as well as training for companies at executive levels, for commercial, operational and administrative personnel, achieving efficiency and high performance of their objectives and tasks.

We know that the most valuable capital of an organization is people, and for a company to survive or maintain sustained growth in this new century of great changes, the comprehensive development of its members is of vital importance, from the highest position to the more humble, teaching them new thinking strategies; that is, teach them to learn to think, learn to learn, learn to communicate with precision and unlearn junk habits and concepts that slow down the productivity and potential of the human being.

Yes! We live in an age where lack of time and excess information compete. To succeed, we have to develop new skills to process information and learn, but much faster, as well as change our internal states at will according to the needs of the circumstances and all this at a speed that for many traditional therapists is impressive and impressive. incredible, ORGANIZATION MANUEL MORIN AND ASOC. It uses in all its courses, one of the most advanced technologies of thought that has revolutionized the world: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) that allows a systemic and continuous process, that of


“NLP is a way of Being and a way of Knowing”.

Judy DeLozier – Co-creator of NLP