Coach Manuel Morin

Manuel Morin Morales

He is the Founder of the Humanist Center for Neurolinguistic Programming where he has trained 34 Generations of Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner level, has trained 12 Generations of Certified in Professional Coaching with NLP and 7 Generations of Certified in Neurolinguistic Human Design and 8 Generations of Level Master in Neurolinguistic Programming.

Your Training 

Practitioner and Master instructor of Neurolinguistic Programming.
Internationally trained and certified by the creator of NLP John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair. Quantum Leap Inc. and Edmundo Velasco.

Advanced Trainer´s Trainer of NLP and Neurolinguistic Human Design
Internationally trained and certified by Judy De Lozier (Co-creator of NLP); Lara Ewing (Ewing Ass. NLP Comprehensive. Denver, Colorado); Dr. Rodrigo Jauberth (Director of the DHNL Neurolinguistic Human Design University and the Mexican Center of Creative Human Excellence, Mexico); and PHD Steve Davis (Director of Training and Therapy Independent Training International, Canada.

Coaching training.
"Development of Collaborators with NLP". Julio Chacon Harbin. Mexican Center of NLP. Torreon, Coah.

Advanced Coaching Studies.
"The new horizon of expansion of NLP". Jeremy Bach. Anchor Point Institute.

Professional Coach Certified by the International Coach Federation and the Mexican Center for Neurolinguistic Programming. Trained by Jean Elfline, Tim Hallbom, and Nick LeForce of the NLP Institute of California.

Among his most important works are:

  • The creation of more than 40 courses, workshops, seminars and certifications all related to the Development of Human Potential, motivation, quality, service, emotional intelligence.
  • Professional training of sellers, leaders and coaches.
  • He has trained different public, private and government companies, of a financial, educational, business and health nature.
  • He is a coach for companies in different fields.
  • Creation of audio-experiential CDs such as: “Self-esteem, the key to personal success” and Live Free!
  • Creation of audio-book CDs such as: "Success Exists" and "Results are Inevitable"
  • Creation of audio-course kits such as: "Personal Strategic Planning" and "Healing my inner child".
  • Creation of books such as: "Success exists" and "Results are Inevitable", "The Power of Personal Strategic Planning", Coaching for Human Improvement: Strategies to change Life", Coaching for Human Improvement: How to Develop a Successful Business Plan” Coaching for Human Achievement: How a Successful Business Plan lands” and “Time Management”.
  • Creation of E-books such as: "Dare to be happy", "Youth of excellence", "Self-esteem and family communication", "Creating the future in the Family", "Forgive yourself" and "Dreams of freedom".
  • He has served as a COACH for 16 years.
  • He has provided therapy services for 20 years.

His experience is backed by more than 2,050 courses taught in 23 years.