What is NLP for?

What is neuro-linguistic programming and how can it help me?

This current of modern Psychology by changing limiting programming, and learning to direct behaviors and moods effectively to make everything work better?

The limiting programming, given by previous experiences, prevents us from succeeding and is due to the fact that, possibly, in the past there have been pernicious learnings that have conditioned us not to try to overcome failure; creating pretexts, excuses and justifications that prevent us from trying again to achieve what we want; to attract happiness, success and prosperity.

Today NLP is a powerful instrument to reprogram the mind again and introduce information about all the principles that govern our bad experience, in order to unblock those false beliefs that have taken root in our mind and that do not allow us to take the actions that lead to the results we want.

NLP is based on constructivist theory, which defines reality as an invention and not as a discovery. It is based on the fact that the human being does not operate directly on the real world in which he lives, but rather through mental representations of it, which determine the way in which each individual perceives the world. Provides tools and skills for the development of communication and reprogramming of attitudes. It promotes behavioral flexibility, creativity and communication, transcendental thinking and an understanding of mental processes, both for individual development and for the optimization of each human group.

NLP is a system to systematically prepare -program- our mind -neuro-, and ensure that it effectively communicates what we think with what we do -linguistics-, thus achieving consistency and effective communication through a strategy that is focuses on human development.

Who benefits from NLP training?

Virtually anyone who wants to increase their personal success and enrich their professional effectiveness. For example: professionals, therapists, executives, consultants and sales force, find that the techniques and skills of precision communication and rapport that they obtain greatly enrich their abilities to achieve increased success at work and great satisfaction. Educators, parents and psychologists discover new techniques to change non-productive behaviors into thinking and achievement strategies. Therapists, counselors, doctors and health professionals learn new NLP therapeutic interventions that produce impressive results (eliminate phobias, traumas and vices in 1 to 3 sessions) and help the patient to obtain faster progress.

Some achievements are:

  • Applying the successful thought processes of achievers to all aspects of your life.
  • Develop excellent rapport (attunement) with anyone, quickly and easily.
  • Adopt the skills of an expert negotiator to find solutions to win/win situations, thus becoming a natural solution-oriented person.
  • Change unwanted habits by creating powerful options.
  • You develop people's self-esteem, as well as discovering new ways to positively handle things that previously frustrated you.
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Understand the structure of how to make decisions and how to motivate yourself.

The NLP (“Neurolinguistic Programming”) can be one or the other for you, it depends: if you limit yourself to being a silent witness of what others are achieving through the application of NLP in their lives, or

if you become the protagonist whose script and performance are based on the principles, models and techniques of NLP, thus being an agent of your own personal change and that of the people around you. It's in you... You decide.

the value of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming, resides in the ability to provide the professional and the client with conscious choices and behavioral flexibility in terms of motivation, improvement, decision-making, learning, communication, creativity and emotional development...