Frequent questions


What is Coach?

The coach motivates, guides and inspires the client to make positive changes in their life. The coach is a psychological personal trainer. You can work in the company as an executive coach, helping managers and executives refine their strategy, their decision making and clarify their goals and values. The coach can also work as a life coach helping clients make positive changes in their health, finances, personal life, family and relationships.

How can a coach help me?

  • A coach helps you set goals and turn them into real and achievable goals.
  • It helps you discover your full potential so that you can achieve more and better things for your life.
  • It helps you go further than you ever imagined you could reach.

What are the benefits I can get with a coach?

  • Know what you really want for your life.
  • Discover and enhance your strengths.
  • Learn to manage your life and make better decisions.
  • Improve the management of your economy.
  • Improve your way of relating and communicating.
  • Achieve your goals more easily.
  • Reduce stress to enjoy more.
  • Do the things you really want to do.

How do I choose my coach?

  • To have a good relationship between Client and Coach, there must be trust and transparency. Matters that are important to the Client are discussed in a very transparent way, and that is why you should choose a Coach with whom you feel safe.
  • Generally, before initiating a work agreement, the Coach will present a contract to the client specifying each and every one of the agreements they have reached, the amount of the sessions, a certain number of sessions, the means and place to carry out these sessions, general specifications and data of the coach as well as the client.
  • A Coaching relationship can be unilaterally interrupted by the client or by the coach, in the employment contract the way to terminate the contract and the prior notice period must be reflected.


What is NLP?

It is the science of short-term excellence. It is a way of Being and Knowing. It is the science of both internal and external communication. It is a lifestyle and living Consciously

What is achieved with NLP?

Success in any area or context of the life of those who practice it. Call it family, work, health, money, spirit, social, etc.

What can NLP be used for?

To resolve and overcome any blockage and beliefs that inhibit the high performance of the human being in any context or area of human knowledge.

How does NLP work?

As a tool to make the unconscious conscious through a methodology and techniques proven for success.

Is NLP a science?

It is an art and a science. It is an art because you put your unique and personal touch on it and it is a science because a methodology is required to achieve the goals and objectives of modeling the unconscious patterns of successful people and companies in any field.

Is NLP psychology?

Not as such. Although it was born as one more branch of psychotherapy because it amalgamates the most important currents of psychology as it is: humanistic psychology, psychoanalysis, gestalt and logotherapy.

Is NLP just for entrepreneurs?

No. NLP is for anyone who, regardless of social, economic or professional class, wants to learn it and modify their lives and their results with it, regardless of their academic level.

How do you work with NLP?

Through the models designed by its creators, John Grinder and Richard Bandler and their closest collaborators such as Judy De'Lozier and Roberth Dilts. The first thing is to learn it and practice it until it becomes a model of life.

Is NLP a fad?

No. NLP has always existed. There are even Aristotelian models such as the SCORE model. This is not to take credit away from its creators, but rather a recognition of their titanic work of combining successful models to bring this methodology to the world.

Does NLP serve to manipulate?

It depends on the moral quality of those who practice it, but there are those who do it because those who know NLP can use its power for good or for bad. At the Humanist Center we always recommend our students to use this power for good.

Is it possible to do NLP therapy without studying psychology?

Yes. There are therapeutic models that contribute to the healing of thought.