– Since man thinks he is incomplete, he looks for something external that completes him. He must then fill himself with titles and become a great professional, fill himself with money and become rich or spend hours and hours in the gym to become like the stereotype that they present to him on television.
– Stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality. And the poor women who, due to lack of self-esteem and following the guidelines of the magazines, starve themselves or suffer from bulimia and anorexia.
– Due to those images on television and cinema, we see ourselves in the mirror and reject the image that reflects us because it does not even come close to what we have been told is beautiful.
– We are bombarded from all sides with more messages of disability.
- On all sides. In religion too: they tell you that you have to imitate Jesus, but you cannot be Jesus because you are yourself.
That is also another vicious circle of self-rejection.
– They give you an unattainable model.
- Exact. You pray to god to ask him for something and when he doesn't grant it, whose fault is it?
– Mine of course, because I am a sinner.
- You see it? The stereotypes that religion gives you to keep you chasing the carrot are the saints that also have nothing to do with reality.
– And why do we do this? Why do we desperately look for what we think we need in the external?
– Because you have also been conditioned to move away from yourself, to always be distracted from your being. Dependent on others.
You live through others because you can't stand your own company. Your goals do not satisfy you if there is no one there to recognize them. Your feelings of worth come from comparing yourself to others, if you are better than someone, you feel good; if you're not, you feel bad.
That is why you live glued to the television, living, feeling and suffering... the life of others!, the joys, the achievements and the miseries... of others! You do not realize that this is exactly how you are being programmed.
That is why no one can be alone or silent. They are terrified of dealing with themselves, they always have the television on, the young people always wear their headphones at full volume. They do whatever it takes to keep themselves distracted.
– Distracted from the only chance to regain their dignity and worth!
– You understood my love! Nobody and nothing can give you what you need. You just have to realize that underneath all the crap they put on you, underneath all the conditioning and insecurities; behind the mask is your original face, always beautiful, always perfect.
In the center of your being is all the love you need, there is your connection with the divine, there is peace, well-being, there are all the answers.
– There we recover our beauty, our respect for ourselves and our innocence.
– When Jesus said: “Let the children come to me, for theirs will be the kingdom of heaven”. He was referring to recovering the innocence of when you were a child and the "kingdom of heaven" is inner peace, it is the center of your being.
When he said, "I am God," he spoke for all of us! When he said, “I am the light, the truth and the life”, he was talking about all of us!
– I am the light, the truth and the life – I repeated surprised.
– We all are.
– I ask you something and I don't want you to evade the answer again. Why do you call me "my love" now?
– Because I am you and you are me. This is how one of life's children should be spoken to. If you are not the one who starts treating you with love and respect, no one will do it for you. You are an emperor, the master of your own life.

– Thank you – I said moved- … my love.