It happens that reality is superior to dreams. Instead of saying “let me dream” it should be said let me look. Play one to live.
Jaime Sabinas
In this first part I want to take you by the hand to try to understand that inner dialogue that you have with yourself on a daily basis; this permanent conversation that determines many of your decisions. It is extremely important to establish a base to know how we think, how this internal dialogue takes place, who wins in this game that apparently occurs between two beings. Because it even seems that it is a struggle for power or control between two totally different people.
This is an imaginary dialogue between the Self and the mind. My idea is to discover the background of thought processes. Observe how each thought determines your health or illness, how it is that each idea can generate states of anguish, shock or can strengthen your self-esteem, joy and happiness.
Give meaning to what you read, discover what is between the lines, it is not the information or the answers that matters but how you can connect what you read with what happens to you, with what you are living. Are you ready? So here we go, come with me.