If you use the eight keys that I have described here, I am sure that you will become the extraordinary and limitless being that you so desperately want to be.
As you can see, dear reader, succeeding in life has nothing to do with chance, but with preparation. Preparation, knowledge and wisdom, aimed at perfection. Keep preparing, invest in your mind. As Benjamin Franklin said:
"Empty your pocket in your mind, that your meme will keep your pocket full."
In my case, I who only finished the sixth grade of primary school, invested in my mind and decided to educate myself, through books, audiocassettes, videocassettes, courses and seminars.
This is how I managed to become who I am today.
"If it's possible for someone... it's possible for you"
A person can change his life by turning his way of thinking. His little world is made up of his work and his family. And you, when are you going to change? The day you change your way of thinking. When you show a new attitude, your children, your wife, your brothers, your other relatives will support you.
You represent a point of elevation, you live a continuous process of evolution that requires you to work or daily. Change your habits, remember that you are capable of directing your destiny.
Indeed, we cannot control catastrophes or world wars or other events. The only thing we can control are our thoughts. And these become actions, actions develop habits and only habits determine our destiny.
The conclusion?  We can all revolutionize our position in life.